Welcome to Better Biathlon

Welcome to Better Biathlon!

I started this website in hopes of creating a strong collection of coaching resources to increase the level of knowledge and build a culture of sharing to improve biathlon in Canada.

Will this alone make us a world-class biathlon country ? …maybe not… but will it help a new coach start out their career from anywhere in Canada with a selection of resources and a network to other coaches? Yes. Will it help drive inspiration and discussion with our current coaches. I hope so! And for me that is good enough. I hope this helps fill a void and unites any coach from across Canada to find and share resources to help contribute to strengthening biathlon across the country. This is something I wish I had when I started coaching, and can’t wait to see what you all bring to the table.

How can you help? Send in any resources that you have and are willing to share with other coaches in the country. (Make sure it’s yours to share) Nothing is too small – a fun game idea or a printout is helpful!

Have a topic you are passionate about? Run a blog post idea by me and if it works with the website’s goal, we can publish it.

I hope to fill this website with resources from every club across Canada and have every coach be able to come on here and find something to drive some inspiration in their programming moving forward.

It’s going to take all of us together to build Canada into a stronger biathlon nation, so let’s see what you’ve got to help make Canada’s biathlon program better!



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