Lesson #7 – Correcting Sights

Focus: Correcting Sights

10 minutes – Discussion Points/Important Questions:

Why do we Zero? To bring our sights to a neutral place that fits the current range and conditions.

What can affect your correction? Light on the targets – brighter or darker, wind, and different ranges or different athletes using the rifle.

For Zero, how do you correct your sights? – Demo on a rifle. 3 ways to remember, show all options: Letters on the knobs – L=moves right, R= moves left, T= “top” moves up, H=moves down OR think like a water bottle top screw motion OR right hand rule -if you point your right hand thumb in the direction you want to go, then your fingers are pointing in the direction you should turn the sights.  Athletes will practice correcting their own rifles tonight.

Then show how to corrections work on a target.  Some examples of zeros and as a team, try to guess the correction as a team.

15 minutes – Head Out to Range, Zero, Confirm, and Start 10 Minute Warm-up

35 minutes – Combo Practice Working on Session Focus

What to look for: Let athletes correct their own sights. They might need some guidance but try to let them do it themselves as much as possible.

25 minutes – 1 Skill/Drill Based on Focus: Team Sight Corrections

Athletes move sights 8 left. Shoot 5 on Charlie. Move back to neutral. Then move 8 right, Shoot 5 on Charlie move back to neutral, 8 up, 5 shots on Charlie, back to neutral, 8 down, 5 shots on Charlie, back to neutral. Can look at target after 2 clips each to see how the grouping moves.

1 Game: Staple Challenge – Paper target with 1 staple in the middle Athletes shoot at a paper target with 1 staple in the middle until they knock out the staple and the target falls. Usually I give them around 15 shots. Sometimes the shot will hold the target on, so at the end of practice, it’s good to go down and just flick the target and see if it falls. Athletes should have to get up or run to fence for each shot.



Equipment Needed: Rifle for example of sight correction in team room, 3 paper targets for Z/C and Skill/Drill, and 1 single target with one single staple right in the middle.