Lesson #6 – Position and Grouping

Focus: Position and Grouping

10 minutes – Discussion Points/Important Questions:

What are the 4 most important contact points in a position with you and your rifle?

Cheek Piece, Hand Stop, Butt Plate, Trigger

How should each one feel? Tight, secure, stable, even contact, etc.

Once you are in a good position with your 4 contact points, if you check your alignment and you are off, what should you adjust in order to get back onto the target? Adjust your hips!

Today we are focusing on having good 4 contact points.

15 minutes – Head Out to Range, Zero, Confirm, and Start 10 Minute Warm-up

35 minutes – Combo Practice Working on Session Focus

What to look for: Good shoulder contact – shoulder wrapping around the butt plate, soft trigger pull, hand right up against the hand stop on the squishy part of the hand or flat under the rifle if on a rest, consistent cheek contact and pressure.

25 minutes – 1 Skill/Drill Based on Focus: Grouping Work on Paper

Athletes take 10 shots with a clip on Charlie. Then they take 10 1-shots working on getting into a consistent position on Delta. They are trying to get just as good of a group on Delta as they did on Charlie. This will require getting into a consistent position each time.

1 Game: 1-Shot Bandit Battles (Take out Charlie) – Targets on Manual Athletes will need to find side by side lanes – might need help moving rifles and rests. Say athletes are on lanes 21 and 22. They pick one lane to shoot at, say 22. At the same time, athlete on the left lane, will shoot Alpha until hit, then Bravo, then Charlie. Athlete on the right lane, will shoot Echo until hit, then Delta, then Charlie. The first to Charlie is the winner. Athletes must stand up after each shot – clip out and bolt open. After winning, they find 4 more athletes to battle and tally up their wins.





Equipment Needed:  5 row of paper for Z/C and the skill/drill.