Lesson #22 – Speed Position

Focus: Speed Position

10 minutes – Discussion Points/Important Questions:

If you want to be faster in the range, but still want to be very accurate, how can we make up time? By getting in and out of position quickly, taking off poles in advance, putting them on while on your way out.

What are some things to make sure take our time on? Breathing and sight picture.

15 minutes – Head Out to Range, Zero, Confirm, and Start 10 Minute Warm-up

35 minutes – Combo Practice Working on Session Focus

What to look for: Athletes getting in and out of position efficiently, putting on poles on the go.

25 minutes – 1 Skill/Drill Based on Focus: 1 Shot NT Test – Targets on Manual

Athletes start behind the shooting mat. Coach says “go” athletes lay down, take 1 shot. Hit or miss, open bolt, clip out and then get back up quickly and back down for the next shot. Continue until 5 hits.

Can be timed.

1 Game: Speed Shoot Out

Each athlete gets 2-3 clips on their lanes. Athletes are on their own lane. The goal is to shoot every other target but their own. Can be done as elimination – once their 5 targets are shot, they are out… whoever has the most targets remaining wins, or they can keep shooting until one person remains.





Equipment Needed: Z/C paper