Lesson #23 – Mental Toughness

Focus: Mental Toughness/Coping Strategies

10 minutes – Discussion Points/Important Questions:

What does it mean to be tough? To be strong, to not give up, to keep working even when things are hard.

Are Biathletes tough? Yes, they always have to be tough, biathlon is hard.

So if we know it is a hard sport, how do we get tougher? Work on always improving, find ways to

How can we work on being tough today? Make sure every shot is perfect before we take it, making sure we are strict about our set-up and shooting, making sure we don’t give up and we keep trying even if something is hard.

15 minutes – Head Out to Range, Zero, Confirm, and Start 10 Minute Warm-up

35 minutes – Combo Practice Working on Session Focus

What to look for: Athletes who can get into consistent position, who seem focused and on task, and when asked why they hit or miss, have an answer and a process for next time.

25 minutes – 1 Skill/Drill Based on Focus: Inner Targets

Athletes shoot at Charlie. They are trying to get to 10 hits inside the inner (smallest) ring.

1 Game: Machine Gun – Team Challenge * Targets on Manual

Athletes are in teams of 4. They line up on 4 lanes side by side. On “go” athlete 1 takes a shot, then athlete 2, then 3, then 4, then back to 1. They do this in order (2 can’t shoot before 1, 3 can’t shoot before 2, etc.), one shot at a time, until each athlete has shot all 5 shots in their magazine. The team then tallies how many they hit, once all the teams go, they see which team was the highest.




Equipment Needed: Z/C paper, Third Target for Skill/Drill