Research and Website Links for Coaches

Current, interesting, and relevant research and website links. 


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Biathlon Canada

Professional Development Series

Topics on Technique, Gold Medal Profile, Mental Skills and More..



Literature Database

All research articles relevant to biathlon.


Training Peaks

Coaches Blog

Articles on Sport Science.



Shooting Catalogue

Shooting drills and ideas for athletes and coaches.


Norwegian Ski Federation

Professional Development Series

Webinars based around developing ski speed.


Train Ugly

Train Ugly Home Page

Website based on mental training strategies and mindset.


Research by Canadian Coaches

Check out an article co-authored by our own Canadian Coach – Matthias Ahrens.

Natalya Dzhilkibaeva, Matthias Ahrens & Marko S. Laaksonen (2019): Can
performance in biathlon world cup be predicted by performance analysis of biathlon IBU cup?,
International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, DOI: 10.1080/24748668.2019.1665884

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Other Canadian Resources

Katie McMahon’s website on mental performance consulting offers mental health and mental skill strategies in her blog. She coaches with biathlon and cross country and can offer a sport specific perspective. 

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