Lesson #25 – Quiet Eye

Focus: Quiet Eye – Advanced

10 minutes – Discussion Points/Important Questions:

Quiet Eye is the gaze on the target. When is the earliest an athlete can look at a target? Entering the range.

What can they check the on the target? Prone/Standing, Clear, Lane #, and usually can detect wind.

Why do we want to look at the target the whole time? To create a focus bubble where it is just us and the target.

15 minutes – Head Out to Range, Zero, Confirm, and Start 10 Minute Warm-up

35 minutes – Combo Practice Working on Session Focus

What to look for: Athletes looking at the target the entire time for set-up. Not looking at clips, sling, etc.

25 minutes – 1 Skill/Drill Based on Focus: 1-Shots Around the Fence – Quiet Eye

Athletes take 10 1-shots on metal, skiing around the fence each time. Each time they enter the range, they work on their Quiet Eye as they focus in on the target as they approach their mat, and through their set-up.

1 Game: Patrol Race – Targets on Manual Athletes are in teams of 2 and start in the range behind their mat. Say “go”, and the partners must clean both their lanes before leaving. They can crossfire if one partner is clean and the other is not. They get unlimited ammo. Then they must ski together around the course, come back in and shoot together again and clean again, lap again, on final range loop, they must shoot clean first to finish.



Equipment Needed:  2 paper targets for Z/C